Monday, August 16, 2010

Shameless attempt to win contest

Because winning Blue Lipstick Samurai''s super awesome prize pack wasn't enough for me.  No I will SHAMELESS enter all contests I see.

No, that's not true.

I did enter tiara day, but um, it was tiaras and since having a daughter her toys became useful for once. 

I follow a lot of blogs, but there's a handful of blogs I try to comment on every time they're up.  Why? Because I have a lot in common with the people writing the blogs.

Writers- Check
Working- Check
Moms- Check

Super Mom Writes is an AWESOME blog and she FINALLY hit 50 followers, it was a long time coming and LONG over due.  Her blog is pretty fraking awesome.   On Tuesdays she give tips of making mixed drinks.  She keeps to a great blogging schedule.

Please  Go check her out.  Go enter her contest and tell her which Hogworth's house you belong to.

Next is Lynda Kang and her amazing blog The Word is My Osyter.  On Mondays she does this thing call medical Mondays where she answers medical questions you have about your characters.  Say your character gets shot and you want to sound like you know what your talking about, but you don't want to ask your doctor about it, because you know, that's awkward... Poof problem solved.
Her blog has 300 followers, you know why?  BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME.  It's short, cute and insightful.  And if you aren't following it then go off and check it out.

A HUGE thank you Blue Lipstick Samurai- I won her 65 follower contest and this is what I won!

 THANK YOU! I had to pry the candy out of my daughter's hand.


  1. ooo, sounds interesting, I'll check the links out and congrats on winning

  2. Awesome! I think I'll check out the one with the medical questions answered.

    Oh, by the way, this is kind of random, but I gave you an award on my blog and I'm pretty sure you don't follow my blog: