Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music you should be excited about

Pop Culture Tuesdays

I love music and there's a lot coming out soon that I'm SUPER excited out.  I'm going to talk about three bands I get all fangirly over.


I own every Ludo album, they have a very distinct sound, each song tells a story, some are funny, some are heartbreaking.  It's epic and humble.  they wrote a rock opera called The Broken Bride, and I've listened to it at least 10 times and I have no idea what it's about, but the music is nice.   Whipped Cream is the single off their new album.  4 unsexy guys trying to be overly sexy is hilarious..  Awesome.

Their new album Prepare the Preparations comes out Sept 7.


There is another band I own every CD they put out.  Their rarity CD is amazing.  I spent $18 for a delux various of a CD I already had because the band signed it. Then I lost it.  Shhhh don't tell my  hubby.  This was the band that made me realize Christian rock didn't have to be all about God and preachy.  Instead it could ROCK and be insightful and meaningful. Anberlin doesn't curse and sing about drugs, besides that, it's exactly like every other band I listen too.  Expect Anberlin is one of the BEST.

The new album comes out Sept 7 and it's called Dark is the way: Light is the place.

Finally is Jimmy Eat World.
Ok I'll forgive them for the really stupid name because I love this band.  Bleed American I listened to so much the CD partially melted.  I've seen them live 4 times and I"m going to Virgin Fest because they'll be playing.  Jimmy Eat World are credited with creating the emo music movement, which is sort of a weird honor and interesting because they'll out live the emo music movement.  In the Middle is one of my favorite songs of all time. 

Their new album is Invented and it will be out Sept 28
It also has the nicest cover out of all them.

Also The Airborne Toxic Event has a DVD release coming out.  It looks NOTHING short of incredible.   It's also coming on Sept 7.  I'm going to be VERY busy at best buy that day.

In honor of SO much Kick @$$ music coming out,  September will be MUSIC MONTH! 
Every week I will be picking 1 commenter and send them a MIX CD. I might pick more than one a week.  I will most likely pick you if you do the same contest on your blog.  So there might be more than one winner a week.  YAY!


  1. If you like un-preachy Christian rock-ish music, you should check out Evanescence. I think they only have one song ("Tourniquet") that even references God by name... they rest of them just sound like other non-Christian-y rock. They're pretty cool.

  2. You'd be glad to know that I listened to each one of these songs and that I liked them. *gasp*

  3. Thanks for the recommendations!! Now I have some super cool songs for my next playlist. Really needed that Anberlin one.

  4. You're right, the first group was definitely un-sexy, but it was funny and good music :) And the second group had a really cool video! I'm already a fan of Jimmy Eat World, but now I'm going off to research the other bands more. Thanks :)

  5. Great list. Fav song you posted was the Jimmy Eats World one. Great beat.