Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- rewrite the endings

Ok how excited am I that I FINALLY figured out the next weeks topic is at the bottom of the blog!

This weeks topic: If you could rewrite an ending of book, why and how.

Ever read an awesome book and it falls apart at the end? Yep. We all have.  So a part of me thinks its a little mean to rewrite the ending of book, because I know how hard it is to write much less how to get published and then everyone wants to give you feedback about it wither you want it or not.

So I'm not going to pick on any new writers or even books that came out this year, mostly because I don't want to spoil any endings.

I"m going to pick to two most famous and often critiquied book series.  Harry Potter and Twilight.  If you haven't read these by now, um, yeah what dark cave have you been living in?

I will start off right now and I can not imagine the pressure both of these ladies were under while writing the final book and more so knowing there was NO way they could make everyone happy.

Harry Potter:
So everyone called BS on that final chapter, mostly because it felt like bad fan fiction.  What I didn't like about it was that i had assumed from book 1 that when Harry grew up he was going to be the next Dumbledoor and he was going to take over Hogworths, so yeah.  Sort of bummed. 
My other issue was if you're going to introduce two other wizard schools in book 4 why weren't they in the final battle?  That would have been AWESOME!!!!!!! 
Also I wanted an 8th book that SHOWED what happened to Hogworths while Harry was gone.  Harry got annoying but I always loved the other characters more.

My biggest complaint with the final book was this, don't introduce a BILLION new characters where BELLA had to create a chart to keep everyone straight if there wasn't going to be a BLOOD BATH at the end.  I get that it was to make the scene BIGGER and create larger scale, but there was no battle. When I hit the last 100 pages of the series I knew there wasn't going to be kick ass fight.

I don't mind if you can't write a fight scene, I can't do it.  But I do get upset if you structured your book completely wrong and built up for an epic battle and instead you have vampires hug it out.  LAME and I call BS.


  1. The ending of Breaking Dawn (to a certain extent, the entire thing) was so weak. I was pretty disappointed when I finished it, so I picked up Twilight again and reread it to remember why I liked the series to begin with.

    And I definitely thought Harry was going to be next Headmaster, or at least teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. I mean seriously. Wasn't JK going to release a book/encyclopedia that lists every tiny background detail about all the characters and things that happened "off page"?

    I also would have loved to see the kids from other wizarding schools join in the battle. Viktor Krum would've been a valuable ally!

  2. I call BS too on Breaking Dawn. In fact, I think I might add that on my RTW.

  3. @Sarah - out of the whole saga, I enjoyed Twilight only. If I was 13 however...

  4. ok- I live in a dark cave- I haven't read either book, nor do i really want to- I'd rather just watch the

  5. I didn't have a problem with the end of Harry Potter. I thought it was kind of cool, how Draco became the master of the wand and then Harry became its master. I also liked it when he died, because title character death is pretty much epic, even if it only lasted a few pages.

    I'm not allowed to read the last two Twilight books until eighth grade so I'm not really qualified to comment on Breaking Dawn, but I kind of always assumed the end would be crappy because the first two books were total crap. So. Yeah. xD

  6. i felt the same way about breaking dawn! i was so geared up for an epic battle scene and then...*bam*...nothing!

  7. I would've rewritten Breaking Dawn as well. Too much hype to let it end so easily :)

  8. Ahh, so true! The HP epilogue DID read like bad fanfiction. (Not as bad as mine but we'll ignore that haha) I did like the final battle, but now that you mention it, it would have been so cool to see the other two schools kicking ass. Twilight is just... Twilight. That was not a climax. That was an Edward climax: Cold, clammy and thoroughly mind-boggling. Or something LOL.

  9. oh my gosh, I SO wanted to see the other wizarding schools enter the battle. Why were they missing? I mean, Voldy was threat against all of wizarding-king! That would have been epic. Esp. since I remain a huge fan of Viktor Krum. And, yeah, that epilogue was kinda embarrassing. >.>

  10. You know, I didn't like BD's ending, but I never thought about it the way you put it-- that it was set up and constructed in a certain way that was misleading, and ultimately didn't keep its promises, so to speak. I'm going to ponder this now. Nice post!