Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Friday

65 Followers!  That's crazy talk.  65 people clicked on the follow button and now their picture shows up on my little blog.

This week in the real world, I've battled post nasal drip that was so bad it made me wish for an early death.  My parents drove up from South Carolina and are up for a visit.  And I became shamefully addicted to Plants verses Zombies.  I have gotten zero writing done, zero planning done, not a whole lot of reading done, either.

Next week I go back to work.  The school year will start and I will be swamped with TONS of work.

So I will be going down to a three day a week schedule for blogging.   But hopefully this means the blogs will be AWESOME!!!

There's also a contest I will be running in the month of September.  The Best comment of the week will win a Mix CD from me.  YAY.  All you have to do is comment, easy stuff.  Oh and if you run a similar contest on your blog I'll send you a CD too.   SUPER EASY, SUPER FUN.

In other fun stuff, hopefully I'll be seeing this movie this weekend:

And last bit of fun -- for the win!  Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. hahahaha. love the free air guitars - so awesome :)

    and yay for all your followers. such a cool give-away idea.

  2. love your giveaway idea. I am the world's worst mix cd creator, or I would run the contest,too.

  3. Maybe I'll give away free air guitars on my blog ;-)

    I'm still in awe that my blog has eleven followers (one follows privately so it says that it's ten, but it's really eleven). I remember all these blogs that I follow from when, six months ago, they just had twelve followers and I only had two xD

  4. Scott Pilgrim was AWESOME!! Hubby and I saw it on Sunday - totally worth it.

    I'll be doing the music thing in September too.

  5. yay you! that's great to have reached 65 followers! my 50 followers contest is today. it's HUGE!

  6. Love the air guitars! :)

    It's fun watching those followers increase. Have fun with the first school week - always fun & just a little stressful (at least for me :))