Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shameless attempt to win contest take 2

More contests are happening!

Amie is having a pretty awesome contest with lots of books and prizes.

Her blog is not only beautiful but very insightful.

If you want to enter go do so, and if you're entering because I'm suggesting it, then please give me a little credit.

One of my favorite blogs is having a contest too.

Her blog is great and she's an active commenter.  

All you have to do to enter is to tell her about your favorite book. 

Please go check her out!


  1. These are some great blogs and some great contests. Thanks.


  2. Hey, you got third in my contest I was running on my blog (you must have entered at some point) and I was going to e-mail you but your contact button doesn't work, so if you could e-mail me at, that would be great :-)

  3. thanks for spreading the word!