Friday, August 27, 2010

Problem Solving

Sometime soon I'm going to blog about how to find writing friends, but I'm not really in the mood to do that just yet.   But soon.

This blog will put be in two parts.

Part one
Back to work, my school underwent a pretty huge renovation process over the summer.  Our building was over 35 years old and looked it, so instead of have open spaces in the front office.  Now there's walls and hallways and bathrooms.

Ok let me back up, it's not like we didn't have these things before, but now there's WAY more hallways and offices but our bathrooms have decreased by 50%.  The bathroom situation in my school has been stechty at best.  In a prior post I shared a fun little story about the staff bathrooms and cell phone use.   Now we have two bathrooms and we have to share with boys... yuck.   More so there's no trashcan in the bathroom either.

The carpets are another issue, about four years ago we got brand new carpets, YAY.  And now we have a whole new office, with new carpet.  Which would be fine, but there's a point where the old carpet meets the new carpet.    Oh and there's a wall that was only painted a 1/4 of the way because there was a huge debate as to WHO was supposed to paint it, the contractors or the county. 

Before our school looked old, now we look like we can't dress ourselves.

The problem solving skills leaves much to be desired. 

Part two:
My neighbor was having a huge party on Sunday so he decided to park his car here:

By the way, there was no one parked on the street.  The party ended up being sort of a bust.   The car stayed on the lawn for 24 hours. 

It's the time of the year when I feel like I'm surrounded by stupidity. 


  1. Staff bathrooms need to be made more important! There are some schools I won't consider working in because the bathroom situation is ridiculous. Your renovation sounds like a a total disaster! So frustrating.

  2. OMGosh! was that car on YOUR property? i would have freaked! if it was on the neighbor's property then they were all just....stupid. whatev. right?

    thankfully our school didn't go through any renovations...but about 2 years ago the county decided to build a new school and redistrict. the new school was at 100% capacity before it even opened in june. by september it was at 120%. since the other schools are only at between 78 and 89% capacity they're CONSIDERING rezoning. again. Ya'think???

  3. Hmmm, maybe he had to keep the car there in hopes that the party would be raging. Even 24 hours later!

  4. whoa-- crazy. why can't our society make schools and teachers a priority??

  5. wow- sharing a coed bathroom...I don't see the improvement lol.