Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Write your own Metaphor

Okay I hate gardening. I hate weeding, I hate getting dirty. But I do like that feeling visual acomplishment gardening gives me. Where there was once no plant, now there is a thing of beauty.

When I was planting back in May, one of my flowers lost half of its roots when I tried to take it out of that plastic black container thingy
I thought it was a goner. It didn't die. But it didn't grow either.
It's the one in the middle.

Here's another view. Also please note the green plant thingy on the right.

The green plant thingy I didn't plant this year. In fact, it's a zombie plant. I planted those last year, they are supposed to be annuals (which means it doesn't come back from year to year) but poof there you have it. It did the impossible it grew back.

I have more of these impossible plants.

So writers, I ask you this, write your own metaphor for this little gardening story. I'm sort of a snarky writer so I don't do well with inspirational stuff, but I can see where something inspirational should come out.

I'm still on vacation, but when I get back I'll respond to comments and stuff.

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