Monday, July 26, 2010

plastic and heat two things that don't play well together

Welcome to the new version of my blog.  See nothing really changed at all.


Today's post was going to be about Silly Bandz, but that will wait for next week.

Because tonight I nearly had a "melt" down. <--- it's a funny joke and you'll see why.

I was cooking dinner, I had everything shockingly well planned out.   I say shockingly because I never have plan.  I was going to cook the fancy potato chip thingies for 15 minutes in 450 degrees and flip them over and put the chicken in.

Then my daughter peed on the floor. We're potty training and it's not going well.

So while hubby was upstairs dealing with her, I'm in the kitchen. I have my favorite tongs (black plastic and OXO)  ready to flip my chips.  I use tongs because I'm not successful with any other product.

I open the oven, the heat punches me in the face.  And the tongs fall out of my hands and slid perfectly under the racks.  Impossible to reach. And I can't find the metal tongs.  I scream and grab yep a BIG Spoon.

My hubby comes down, because I'm panicking and screaming.  He then yells in my face (btw my hubby is the calmest man on the planet) to stop panicking.  I got back and this time I find the metal tongs I hand it to him and poof he pulls out the melty gooey tongs.

Our oven has two blobs and one long line  of plastic.  Insert expletives here.

I stare at it.  He walks away to deal with our daughter.  I have no idea what to do.  I go to the internet.  Surely I can't be the only one who has done this.

On a side note:  Look at the third option and wonder under what circumstances this would EVER happen.

Google said to use heat.  HEAT really?  That's what got me into this mess.

Heat does work, your oven needs to be 200 degrees.  You need to leave the door open.  You need a brillo pad (and a hubby who's willing to go out and buy you brillo pads).  You need a metal spatial and you need to scrub, cry and pray.  You will inhale a crap load of toxic fumes and you're mouth will taste funny for a few hours.

Oh and the biodegradable good for the environment oven clearer Eff- up my oven more than the plastic did.   Damn hippies.

Here's where I win Mom of the year.  Still fed my family (cooked the chicken on the grill, and the chips were a little cold) and played with my daughter.

Yay I just got my 50 followers!!! The contest will start sometime later on today!


  1. I laughed out loud and then shared this with my daughter. I know it was awful at the time - but it makes a REALLY good story! :)

  2. Finally figured out that I was not actually following your blog. I was reading it, but.......
    Makes me #51. and I added a picture. Great story.

  3. Oh, that sounds like a bit of an ordeal! Once my mom melted a plastic cutting board in her oven, but fortunately it only melted into a pan and not on the over floor.

    Congratulations on your followers, and on winning Mom of the Year (yup, I am seriously impressed) ;)