Monday, July 26, 2010

50 Followers Celebration!!

50 followers celebrations!  Woot! 

Time for a contest

Prizes to be won

Top three people will receiving MYSTERY BOXES but it will contain at least ONE of the following books, Half Life of Planets, Will Grayson Will Grayson and The Graveyard Book.  My top three favorite books of 2010. Then you will also receive a bunch of other SURPRISE books.  Ooohhhh aaahhhhh.  Maybe a writing journal and maybe a gift card to Starbucks.   Not every box will contain all the prizes.  But still pretty cool, right?

Plus a critique of the first 3 chapters of whatever your working on.  Please note I will obviously NOT be checking for spelling or grammar, because if you've been reading this blog, you'll see I suck at both.
How do I win such kick ass stuff?

Point system 
But you MUST include the link.

  • You get 2 points if your are a current follower
  • You get 1 point if you are a new follower (please say who referred you)
  • You get 1 point following me on Twitter. (I''ll follow you too!)   My Twitter Button has been FIXED!
  • You get 3 points for referring someone to the blog.
  • You get 1 point for posting this contest on your blog (you get 1 point for EVERY Mention too)
  • You get 1 point for tweeting about the contest. (you get 1 Point for every tweet.)
  • You get 1 point for adding it up and doing the right math too. 
If you already posted your score, that's cool, you can go back and add more points to it.
Leave your score in the comment section below.  You can post your score more than once but only your top score will be accepted.

CONTEST ENDS Monday August 2 @ 5 PM EST. 


  1. Hi! I found your blog by reading Elana Johnsons. I love giveaways! I'm having one on my website right now too! If interested, you can click on the Little Red Riding Hood pic on top of the left column. I clicked your twitter button but it said you couldn't be found :( Anyways, I'm adding your contest to my blog sidebar!

  2. Okay, I just found you on twitter and added you!

  3. I ended up tweeting about your contest twice, once since I didn't know what your twitter name was and the other once I found out so I could do a @ mention :) It probably doesn't count but it also updates to facebook! hey three posts, not bad for a newtimer, huh?

  4. Found you at Rose Cooper's blog. :) I'm a new follower, with this one comment. Does that count? :) +2

    Congrats on hitting 53 followers now!

  5. I can't find your Twitter name Erinn & your follower button isn't working for me. :(

    I'm an old follower, but I'll come back and check to see if you post your name - then I can follow you there & tweet :)

  6. Huge grats on your 50 followers :)
    I'm also following you on twitter now

  7. Old follower +2
    Follow you on Twitter +1
    Tweeted +1

    And, uhm, I'm not going to go count all of my comments. lmao We'll suffice it to say several. I'd blog about it to help you out, but I've got the critique thing this week!

    Great contest, Erinn!

  8. Okey dokey - following you on Twitter & tweeted too :)

  9. YAY 50! So great to see it
    +2 for being a follower.
    +1 for posting about this, and
    +5 for comments-- I know it is more, but I only I counted back to 5!

  10. yay! so cool! i'm all for contests! i'm going to:
    tweet it (+1)
    follow you on twitter (+1)
    blog about it(+1)
    and i'm a new follower (+1)
    that's 4 for me!

    oh and casey referred me - so that's 3 points for her!

  11. Current Follower (+2)
    Twitter Follower (+1)
    Tweet it (+1)
    Comment (+1)
    Total = 5

    It's great you are over 50 followers. One day I will be there.

  12. Okay, so I posted this earlier but it must have gotten deleted or something. Here are my points:
    I referred Amie Borst - 3 points
    Just became a follower - 1 point (Rose Cooper referred me)
    Following you on Twitter - 1 point
    Blogged the contest - 1 point
    Tweeted the contest - 1 point (witticismsxo on Twitter, if you want to check)
    So that's seven points. SO FAR.

  13. Am I lovin' this? I am LOVIN' this!

    +2 current follower
    +1 twitter follower
    +1 tweeted
    +1 on blog sidebar
    +1 THIS comment

    shall i go rack up all my other comments?! six so far!

  14. Yo, nice blog. i think a few of my matey's gave you a shout out so here i am :)

    1 new follower
    1 twitter pal
    1 on my contest sidebar

    5 = me :)

  15. Here is my pointage (and yes, that's totally a word and if it isn't, it totally is now):

    current follower (+2)
    comments (+8)


  16. Oh man.... I'm bad at math.

    You get 2 points if your are a current follower ( +2 )
    You get 1 point following me on Twitter. ( +1 )
    You get 1 point for tweeting about the contest. ( +1 )
    You get 1 point for adding it up and doing the right math too. ( +1 )

    Total = +5
    WOOHOO! LOOK AT THOSE MATH SKILLZ!!!! And I'll be blogging - but later....

  17. I didn't add up any points before, so i'm doing it now!
    New Follower (+1)
    Twitter Follower (+1)
    Each Tweet (+4)
    Comment (+1)
    On Blog (+1)
    Referred two people (+6)
    Total =14