Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Plan for the blog. I'm sure you all care.

In an effort to avoid writing/revising I've opted to blog. 
I' ve decided right now to change up how I blog and I've put ZERO thought into it, so it should be good.

Mondays will be about Mom and life stuff. 
Tuesdays will be Pop Culture
Wendesdays will be whatever YA Highway decides
Thursday will be either about writing or mid week links
Friday will be either cool or funny, depending on what I feel like writing. 

BTW I totally love the new Blogger Beta,  it's so purrrty.  Down fall, you can not load pictures directly from your hard drive-- lame.  Blogger you fail for making me do extra steps. 

Although I predict the Stats feature will make me feel insecure  and borderline insane as I obsessively check it every ten minutes.  

Since there's not much to this post, I figured I would put a few pictures I took on vacation.

Hubby, daughter and I went to Longwood Gardens on the last day of vacation.  There was a children's water garden and it's pretty much the most whimsical thing I've ever seen.  

The attention to detail was incredible and if I was a fantasy writer I would be inspired by this.

Look it's a bird fighting a snake, on a gate.  The gate protects a tiny door.  What's behind the door?  A tiny world of gnome or is that where TV shows that get canceled go?  Who knows?  Maybe the snake and the bird do, but they're not being very fore coming with the information.

Ok remember when I said a few paragraphs ago that this was a children's garden?  Check out the center piece.

That's the scariest thing in the world!  It's Falcore on crack and he's coming to eat you.  Luck Dragon my ass.

The  picture below is to give you a sense of scale. The girl in the yellow bathing suit is my 2 and half year old daughter who's freakishly tall for her age.


Ok enough stalling on my part, I'm off to edit. 


  1. I love the scary dragon face, but he could look a little happier!

    I like your schedule - good luck with it and the edits :)

  2. She is also freakishly cute!! lol That gate is amazing, and very inspiring! Good luck with the new routine...I love following a schedule on my blog. The predictability helps.

    Uh, blogger beta? Apparently I've missed this lol

  3. Came over here from Jemi's blog, and Yay I'm your 50th follower! Great blog, I look forward to seeing more!


  4. 50 followers! Hurrah! :D

    Longwood Gardens is about an hour from me, and I haven't been since I was ten and in summer camp. Guh, I want to see that dragon! That garden looks phenomenal. I'm always scared of picture-snapping parents bringing their freakishly tall toddlers, though...

    ...Oh, wait. :)

    Go kick editing buttinski! Thumbs up for the blog plan.