Monday, June 14, 2010

Mommyhood and writing day 1

Being a mom, it's not as easy as my mom made it look. Last week my daughter was fighting a virus. She had a fever of 102. Hubby took one day off, I took the other day off. Fever= no daycare. My kid gets sick a lot. Lots of colds, lots of ear infections. We just recently figured out that when she started to cough there's a good likelihood she's going to puke. My daughter has her coughing fits at night, just as I'm trying to sleep. I"m not saying she does this on purpose but since she's been born I've racked up a whole lot less sleep then I did before she was on this planet.

I only get to write when she's asleep.

I will admit this- she watches a lot of TV. Yeah I'm a crappy mom. Don't get me wrong, we play, we color, we blow bubbles, we're potty training and all those good things. Every weekend we do at least two or three daughter centered activity.

So this is what I've noticed in children's programing.

1) Tyrone's voice changed in the Backyardgains and Austin doesn't get used enough.
2) Max and Ruby is sort of a terrible children's show because Max is a jerk and Ruby is bossy. It's a weird so of throw back to the 1950's. But the show is so mellow, so that's a plus.
3) I wasn't a fan of the wonder pets, mostly because I don't like that Ming Ming has a lisp. And I'm not sure of Lenny's gender-- I've spent TOO much of my brain power trying to figure it out. But I do think its really funny that the Wonder Pet's don't like Ollie. (the Bunny in the classroom across the hall)
4) Yo Gabba Gabba isn't as horrible as I first thought it was.

TV and children's program aside, there's a lot if stuff in my head that wasn't there two years ago. I have concept of time. How valuable it is, how much time we have on this green and blue planet. Time. It's a four letter world.

Moms out there, what new knowledge do you have in your head, you never thought you would ever know?


  1. Time is alway one my mind.

    Oh, and I have one comment about the kids shows. Where on earth are Ruby and Max's parents? They are perpetually in absentia, like all parents in YA novels...ha ha.

  2. Never said Mommyhood was easy. Just that it was the most rewarding!

  3. Very interesting... and you are so right about the shows. I posted about Max and Ruby last week. She is incredibly annoying, isn't she? And their parents are so not living at that house. I really like the music on YGG...we downloaded it for the kids and some of it rocks.
    As for being a mom, it's so scary and also so fun. I think the TV thing is a necessary concession. When I am with my kids I try to make the time real-- it is so hard, but no phone, no computer. I think it is justifiable to do that, but then to carve out some time for yourself-- use the TV if you need to. One day I know I will be able to send them off with a book instead, but until then... you have to survive.
    My cold/runny nose/cough/earache trick: put them in a steamy shower. You probably already know this, but even if you have to do it twice a day it will get that gunk out.
    And I HATE the wonder pets.