Friday, June 11, 2010

Cute Pictures.

I've got nothing but love and blind jealousy for all of those people who can take a great picture. And I'm also not hitting on anyone, it's just a weird little rant about a trend I've noticed on the blogs.

The last week I've spent a lot of time on blogs. A lot. Seriously I have a huge blog stalking problem.

I've noticed two things:
1) Everyone as a kick ass layout and I need to learn me some HTML
2) Author's pictures.

. Seriously they're adorable.

My profile picture is a puma, and I'm assuming no one thinks I'm puma.

Everyone else has a kick ass, super cute profile picture that was probably professionally taken.

This is a problem for me.

1) I'm really cheap and not photogenic at all. I screw up EVERY picture I'm in. So why would I pay a couple of hundred bucks for a picture to have my face all jacked up.

2) I've got all the mental scars of middle school and I feel like I'm the ugliest girl in any room. (yep I went and got all personal on you)

3) It's not fair! Writers are the ONE set of entertainers that it doesn't matter how you look. We could be trolls that were kicked out of the deepest pits of hell, and that's cool, because no one cares what we look like as long as our characters are hot.

I'm fine with that.

Right now I've got a zit on my face that's practically a planet, it's effecting Earth's gravitational pull. It's bad. I'm cool with it, because I'm a writer I don't have to be cute... or do I?

So, bloggers, how did you get your super cute pictures? Do you have awesome photographer friends? Or do you naturally look like the cutest people on the planet? (Not the planet that just formed on my face) Do you think your super cute picture is giving you more blog traffic?


  1. This is me testing to see if this works.

  2. Yes, I can post comments! Woohoo! =D

    1) Love, love, love the new layout. I gasped when I saw it.

    2) YES! I feel like, holy crap, what happened to the hunched spinster with messy hair and thick glasses? (i.e., what happened to people who looked like me) When did all the writers get so gorgeous?!

    Awesome post, interesting point. Daring, even.

  3. Love the layout - super cute!

    My pictures were taken by a friend of mine who is jump-starting her photography business and we took my pictures so she could practice doing different types of photographs. It was also just uber fun. Now, I don't think for a moment I'm photogenic. I have a bad habit of making terrible faces in my pictures, but I know I look silly so I don't really care - most of the time. I also don't have a really good, professional picture of me - as in, tattoo's covered, nice, smiling and vanilla. I should do something about that some day....

  4. YAY! able to comment! YAY! not sure if my picture is considered cute. I am the opposite of photogenic (photoallergenic?). I rarely like a photo, and when I do, I keep using it. The picture for my googleid is from about 2006.

  5. Thanks for all the comments! YAY. It's good to know that someone is reading the blog. Stupid other background.

  6. Is this a comment box I see? How exciting!

    RE: photos. Mine was taken on day one of my honeymoon and so far from home, that would explain the happiness. I recommend taking pictures of you while you're on vacation. Vacation makes everyone more glamourous.

  7. Alicia--- I'm going to the glamorous world of Boston for vacation.