Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mommy week- Sleep

Yesterday I stated that I can only write when my daughter is sleeping. Sunday she took a two hour nap. About an hour into her nap she let out of battle cry of doom. Seriously, there was NO other words for it. Then she fell back to sleep. So weird.

When she woke up, we went to the pool. SIDE NOTE: I hate the pool. I really hate going to the pool. I loathe it. It's crowded It's hot. It's loud. It's wet. I'm not a fan of the pool. It's the one thing I do for my daughter that I feel I'm really sacrificing. When we came home she was the crankiest child ever. She cried, she fussed, my God, she was like a teenager.

I put her to bed at 5:45 PM. From 5:45- 7 I was expecting her to get up and I would have a hyper child. From 7- 8 I lived in terror she would wake up in time for her to go back to bed. From 8- 10 I panicked that she would wake up and then I couldn't sleep. From 10- 4 I tried to sleep but was constantly wondering when she would wake up and wondered if she would listen to me when I demanded she go back to bed. From 4-6:45, laying in bed, ready to play with my kid.

At 6:45 I checked on her because I heard her moving around. She was looking out the window.

From 5:45-10 pm I lived in terror of my child. As all parent do. My hubby and I wouldn't talk around her bedroom in case she was waking up. We turned down the TV. I didn't listen to music while I was writing.

Everything I did, I did to keep her asleep.

I didn't get much writing done.

Parenthood means living every moment trying to get your kid to sleep and living in terror that you won't get enough sleep. You are living with a Sleep terrorist just down the door.

Parenthood also means you've been puked up, probably in a location you could never do yourself. I've uttered the sentence, "My kid puked on my back last night," while I was at a wedding.

So mom out there, what does parenthood mean to you? Please no sappy hallmark answers. Let's talk about the far less glamorous things.


  1. Not as a mom, but as a reformed childhood puker, I can attest to the puking part. Wow, the back is an interesting one.

    Go mama!

  2. I too write around my little one's rest time. I feel your pain :)

  3. I'm not a fan of the pool either. Between worrying about drownings when my back is turned, the sticky sunscreen and potential sunburn, skinned knees when they're illegally running around, the potential for toddler poop in the baby pool, and wearing a swimsuit in public, I can't stand it.

    Ah. I feel better now.