Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mommy week-- a confession

Yesterday I fell asleep while my daughter was watching Dora The Explorer. I woke up to Dora singing "We did it." But I don't know what she did. I'm sure the Map was involved. Boots probably yelled at the audience to say something. Maybe Swiper showed up and took something or maybe Dora was able to stop him. Who knows?

All I know was my daughter was completely mesmerized by it and she was also super snuggly. Snuggles makes mommy sleepy.

When I woke up I started to think more about Dora's world. Where the hell does this kid live, there's a crocodile lake, a volcano that exploded bouncy balls, a blue bull named Benny and Isa a talking iguana.

But the most alarming thing about the world that Dora lives in is Tico the squirrel. He's a purple squirrel that drives a car. In my lifetime I've had thousands of encounters with squirrels and none of them would I give a driver licenses too. They don't even have thumbs. But here's Dora stopping Tico where ever he goes and asks for a ride. He always complies because the show is named after Dora and God forbid he doesn't do what she asks. So Dora hops into the backseat of his car and puts on her seat belt so she can be safe. Although I doubt how safe she is in this crazy world she lives in.

Children's programing makes everyone suspend reality for 23 minutes. Dora is a quality show, my daughter knows Spanish, she learns problem solving skills, and lots of counting.

I will also admit I've fallen asleep during Max and Ruby, the Wonder Pets and Diego too. Sadly my daughter has a longer attention span then I do.