Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy friday

Contest info--
Do you like free food? I like free food, especially if it's the sugar based kind.

YA Highway is a year old and I've been following them for a few months. They've been running all sorts of cool contests this week, which I've failed in my part to promote.

Today is food, the sugar buzz is vital to any writer. Writing can get a little boring at times, but then there are other times when the plot bunnies exploded and you're hyper on caffeine and sugar when a while awesome story comes out.

Thanks YA Highway for being made out of awesome.

In other news my school was shut down early because we had no power. Not sure why, we didn't have power and to be honest, I don't care. I get sent home early on a three day weekend. NICE

I'm off to write- Penny and Hank call to me, well they don't really call as much as they are poking me gently saying, "Don't waste this opportunity of a quiet house and borrowed time, you've got 153 pages to write. Get going."

Oh on other news! I won a contest-- The second place winner, that's me. I'm looking forward to my grab bag of goodies.

Have a nice three day weekend everyone.

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