Friday, January 29, 2010

When it's NOT ok to be on your cellphone

I get it. I really do. We live in a society where we HAVE to be in CONSTANT communication with everyone.

However I think we've crossed a line.

Today I was going to use the public restroom. I walk in an mentally groan because someone else was in the other stall. I HATE having to go to the bathroom when someone else is there. In fact in my own house I will walk upstairs to pee if my family is downstairs.

So I go into the stall and start to, you know, do my thing. When I hear the woman next to me say "Oh great" followed by universal sound of urination.

So I assumed that whoever is next to me needed some encouragement to pee.

Then I hear her talking about moving money around and the hushed sound of another voice.



I don't like it when my husband hears me pee, now a stranger on the phone can hear me!

Then it dawns on me that whoever is next to me is talking on the phone while SHE'S PEEING.
So clearly she doesn't have my issues but still...

Now here's my other problem. I'm done. I finish up... now do I flush or wait her out?

Screw it--- I flush, I don't have my time where I can pee, and I've got stuff to do.

Then she flushes too.

I wash my hands.

Turn around and SHE GIVE ME A DIRTY LOOK.

Like I was the one who exposed the fact that SHE was peeing and talking on the phone by my flush.

People there is a line that should NEVER be crossed.

Today that line was crossed and I don't know how or if we can ever go back.

You may file that under TMI.

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