Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weird stuff in my purse

Here's a fun little segment I'd like call,
The Weird stuff I carry around with me.

I am going to put my hand in my purse and pull out something then write it down. Are you ready?
Let's go:
1)Coupon for Let's Dish... note I couldn't find it when I was making my appointment a few days ago.
2) a paycheck stub
3) wallet
4) paycheck stub
5) Eeyore stackable toy the link is the closest thing I could find to what is in my purse
6) Capri Sun Roarin' water Berry flavor.
7) Phone for my friend
8)Receipt for Chick-fil-a
9) $4.00 in singles
10)A piece of paper with the word Melatonin written on it
11) Old Borders gift car-- it has like $2.00 on it
12) Sugar in the raw packet --- I know I have three of them
13) an envelope with my name on it--- I think it went to a christmas card from on of my students
14) Panera bread receipt
15) One baby sock... it's pink and white and looks like a pink shoe
16) A straw wrapper... not the straw, just the wrapper
17) Mucinex two count
18) Froggie hair barrette
19) Black bic pen
20 Gift card to Chick- fil- A Unused. (I like chick-fil-a a-lot)
21) Hair brush
22) USB flash drive
23) ibuprofen target brand
24) Matching baby sock
25) List of band recommened to me by one of my students: Coldplay, Oasis, Decemberist, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Of Montreal, Deathcab for cutie, folded paper figures
26) Blue Sharpie
27) Push Pen
27) black flair pen
28) Wind up green caterpiller
29) Sugar in the raw packet
30( mint from Ruth Chris
31) Chapstick
32) Chapstick
34) Lipstick
35) 6 pennies.

So what's in your purse or pockets?