Thursday, January 14, 2010

International SPAM

I'm not talking about the Ham in the Can.

My last post had a comment from someone named JoJo. It was in a different language.
There was a huge debate if I should go through the effort of translating it.

Thankfully I did not.

Jessica, a fellow blogger, knew what it said.

It was a link to an "Adult" website.

I've been spammed by the adult entertainment industry before. I've gotten the e-mail of "look for sexy singles". I've had Porn Bots follow me on twitter. It's no secret that it's out there.

But it's a whole new low to post on a blog with 17 followers. This is what I would like to say to JoJo.

Dear, JoJo, if that is your real name, which I am betting its not.

It's rude to post links to "adult entertainment" on someone else's blog. My MOTHER reads this blog.
Worst of all you had to type in the Catcha in order to post a comment. Was your adult site worth decipher the code?

Look JoJo, all I'm saying is it's uncool. I work hard on this blog. I like it.. Don't litter it with your brightly color fliers of naked ladies or God knows what else. If you have a blog, be fore warned, you might get a link to a super cute youtube video of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, and other wholesome images.

Because that's how you fight back against SPAM, you SPAM them right back with Kittens or Puppy Sized Elephants.

By the way, JoJo, you suck and you forgot to be awesome. You are made completely out of lame sauce. But you've just read those two sentences and probably thought what I said was very DIRTY.

Someone who remembers to be awesome


  1. I'm laughing out loud. You're right, Jo Jo is lame sauce. The crappiest part of her comment is that the link was put on a string of periods (.....) and not even actual text. So, unless you put your cursor over the dots, you wouldn't have known there was a link there. Just a guess but if you're going to spam people with advertisements for porn, I would think you would want to make sure that the average reader can actually find your link (not saying I'm better than average--just really observant).