Monday, December 21, 2009

Epic Fail....

HP- the computer company not the Wizard, created a new computer with a camera built in. It was supposed to follow your head. And it works, if you're white.

Not so much if you're black.

Follow the link to get the low down.
The video is pretty funny.

But can imagine how the HP management is taking this?

Underling: Boss we have a problem.
Boss: What is it?
Underling: I think you need to watch this youtube video.
Boss: We're not allow to stream videos here, how did you get past the firewall?
Underling: Um that's not really important. The thing is our new camera doesn't work on people with dark skin pigment.
Boss: Because I've been trying to update my facebook status all day and I keep getting blocked out.
Underling: Look this is a HUGE problem, this guy's video already got pick up by DVICE and people are Tweeting about it. (BTW All true)
Boss: Christ, you can get twitter too!
Underling: This guy is calling our computer racist.
Boss: what?
Underling: Yes.
Boss: I see. The AI is getting out of control. It's T2 all over again. Not those other terminator movies though, they sucked.
Underling: um, so are you saying out computers ARE racist?
Boss: If I say yes will you show me how to by pass the firewall so I can download porn without my wife seeing.

Underling: I wonder if Apple is hiring.


  1. This was the meat of a ridiculous plot on the TV show 'Better Off Ted' last season--at least I thought it was ridiculous. Evidently it's realistic. Although, in 'Better Off Ted' it was the automatic door sensors that were "racist"--it made for a funny TV show. Not so funny in real life...