Friday, December 18, 2009


So there's a snow storm coming through MD. Rumors are anywhere between 6-12 inches. In Maryland, that's like a second ice age. Yes the rest of the country mocks and laughs at us. But we get very excited. The storm is supposed to hit at like 8ish this evening. Which means by noon, no grocery store will have milk, eggs or toilet paper.

Yep. Apparently all you need in an ice age is milk, eggs, and toilet paper.

The school is all a twitter (not the website) over the idea of snow. It's going to be a nightmare to teach today.

My opinion snow over the weekend is such a waste. I was already planning on not leaving my house, now the ice age is going to trap me in.

I will also most likely forget all about the shovel.

The snow shovel comes out in the middle of the first snow storm. Of course either me or my husband (it's my husband) will have to walk down the 90 degree hill we live on to get to the shed to dig through that to get to the shovel. <---that was a pretty amazing run on sentence with zero punctuation there.

Anyway we'll use the shovel a grand total of three times over the winter. And it will stay in its winter home, next to the front door until June. For half the year our only lawn decoration is the shovel we walk past 9 hundred times a day and never put away.

As a teacher, I'm only worried about Monday. Will there be a day off? The Beloved 2 hour delay? Only time, snow plows and the superintendent will tell.

Happy weekend.

Shameless self promotion.

In case you didn't hear, I'm doing this thing, "be nice to strangers month." You can read all about it at my other blog. It's going well. Being nice takes zero effort, being snarky is more fun ;-)