Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade round up

Jr in college... oh the years of college, stress free.

Student teaching
Got a job
Fell in love with hubby
Moved in with hubby
9-11 and antrax scare-- for a small moment in time I thought the terrorists were after me and only me. And I couldn't figure out why, I'm such a nice person. BTW this was also before the word terrorist was so popular in our vocabulary
Got engaged to hubby (obiviously this was before he was my hubby)

First grown up vacation. Bahamas for spring break.
Worked at summer day camp... I marched three year old through the woods in 100 degree weather. That was the last summer I worked and it scared me steril for a while.

Got subwoofer -- our dog. Our cat was NOT happy about it.
Got married
Went on honeymoon
Bought a house
Moved into house
Bought stuff for the house.

Painted one room in the house... did such a bad job I never had to paint again. (insert evil laughter here)
Started writing again.
Started masters program
Fell in love with the West Wing
Went San Deigo Comic Con--- it was geek paradise

Continued with Master's Program
Went on a cruise with Hubby's family

Still working on that masters.
Started writing first novel

Finished masters program
Got pregnant
Went to Hawaii
Went on a cruise
First novel a complete flop, epic fail. Went back to relaunch the whole thing
Went to Las Vegas
Wrote wrote wrote
Hated every second of pregnancy

Gave birth a month early and one weekend away from finishing first draft of No System At All.
Home on materity leave, what would have taken 1 weekend pre baby took six weeks post baby.
Adapting to mommyhood.
Went back to work.
Stayed home over the summer, tried to figure fun things for kid to do.
Went to Willamsburg, VA. <-- big difference between vacations pre baby and post
Started writing New York Karma (completely different novel-- as it turns out I get SUPER cranky if I'm not writing or revising)
Kid's christaining

Joined facebook
Finished writing New York Karma Continue drafting No system at all.
House is finally painted--- expect for the basement
Took a writers class
Went to writers convention--- a shameful horrible day. Sigh
Joined a writers group
Went to Florida and South Carolina for summer vacation
Became a nerdfighter.
Flew to Boston to meet my friends and to see my favorite band-- I met them, they are all in love with me-- the band, not my friends that would just be weird.
Started up this blog
Saw pretty much every episode of Dora the explorer and Diego.
Started up Be Nice to a Stranger

As decades go, it was a pretty good one. Lots of life changing stuff.

Let's see what next decade brings.


  1. I love lists! When I take trips, I keep a list of everything memorable (especially the little things) about the trip (good and bad). It's just as fun to look back at the list as it is to the vacation photos. We tend to forget the little things as time goes by.