Monday, January 04, 2010

Dinosaurs and my Daughter

I like Dinosaurs. I do. I think its fraking amazing that nature created dinosaurs. I think it's incredible that dinos lived for as long as they did. I think that stupid asteroid took out a good thing.

But I would also like to thank that asteroid because it might have taken 65 million years, but humans did take over.

I'm a human.

My daughter is a human too.

Yes I did state the obvious, but bare with me.

My daughter is just as amazing as a dinosaur.

She eats with her eyes closed.

When she's eating something she likes, she closes her eyes, and says "mmm mmm mmm".

When she sees me or and there's a clear path, she will run with her eyes closed.

She's so trusting that I will be there to embrace her, she closes her eyes, because she doesn't need to see me to know I'll me there.

Some call that faith. Some call that innocence.

My husband thinks its dumb because she inherited my clumsiness. And she does fall, A LOT. But she always falls with her eyes open.

Yes one day, I might not be there to catch her. One day, she might fall with her eyes closed. One day, she might eat with her eyes open. One day, she might not trust or be as innocence.

But just think one day, 65 million years ago Dinosaurs ran on this planet.

I wonder how many of them ran with their eyes closed, just because they like to run?

Not to much of a point here.

I like dinosaurs. I love my daughter.