Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Warped tour 2012- failed pick up line

These next few posts will be Warped Tour 2012.

For ten years I've wanted to go to The Vans Warped Tour, for years it either came to town while I went one vacation, or all the bands I wasn't into.  But this year, after my experiment with Pink hair, I decided this was my year to go. 

For the next few days I will be blogging about the lessons I learned, and the bands I saw. 

Today's lesson: Failed pick up line

So during Mayday Parade (one of my all time favorite bands) I overhead this conversation.

Pretty Girl: I can't inhale
Stoner Boy:  Oh I can teach you---

Yes Stoner Boy, this is knowledge you need to pass on to other people.  (One a side note--- considering it was the WARPED TOUR... a concert event for Alt rock, metal and Skaters... you would think there would be a lot more illegal substances, but there wasn't any more or less then at any other concert experience.)

A few minutes later after she seemed not really interested in his lessons, Stoner  Boy has not given up on his quest to woo the Pretty Girl.

In his versions of a sexy voice he said, "You smell good."
Pretty Girl: what? (Unsure if she had heard him right)
Stoner boy:  You smell good.

Oh yes, the compliment every girl longs to hear from a guy who has smoked so much pot he's openly bragging about not returning to high school, from a guy who has lost all sense of smell himself.

Look I'm going to be honest with you, "you smell good," ONLY works in a compliment in a novel or a movie.  Mostly because the reader CAN'T SMELL the character.  But in REAL LIFE-- unless you're blind, it's impossible to tell someone--- ANYONE you smell good, without looking like a creeper.

And how did the pretty girl react?


 I know, dear readers, you were SHOCKED by the outcome.

The band came on the stage and they all lit up.  Hubby and I left to watch the band in a less hazy area. 


  1. Hey, Erinn,

    Hope you having/had a great time ....

    Thanks for the lesson.... I don't think that's such a horrid line. In the right context it could be effective. HOWEVER, if they had just met, then, maybe, it's a bit odd...

  2. Gross! Yes, that is not a good line. Glad you're getting to enjoy the tour!