Thursday, June 28, 2012

Arrested over Revising? Really?

So I saw this over on fail blog.

Then I decided to check out the whole article, which can be found here:
For those of you who didn't have the time to read the article and assumed I would summarize it, you are right.  Basically, the kid who didn't have a computer at home, showed up early to school to revise for a final exam.  According to the school he was causing a disturbance and the police were called.  No charged were filed.

So the teacher in me, sees a kid who is freaking out over his grades and has become obsessed and needs some sort of a wake up call. (hence the police) Simple fact is, the kid was going to get an A anyway.  Sometimes the most humane thing a teacher can to do for an over achieving kid is say, "relax." But we also know that's can be completely futile.  Once someone has something in his or her head, it's nearly impossible to change their mind. 

The writer in me says, "let the kid revise already.  He's right, it's got to be perfect.  Or as perfect as he can make it at that moment in time. " 
Man if I was arrested for every time I went OCD on a paragraph in one of my manuscripts, I'd have a life sentence... although, I would have a lot more time to write.

Thoughts on this case? 

The Mirror seems to be the Fox News of the UK, so I don't know how reliable it is.

And if anyone know what a "swot" is, that would greatly help me understand the meaning of the text.  Is it like the American SWAT team?


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  2. This person looks vaguely like a character from a show. Now that I think about it you might like it. Google Axis Powers Hetalia English Dub" or Sub if you prefer.