Monday, February 06, 2012

Happy Monday: Fail Blog

Happy Monday:

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Do I take pleasure in other people’s pain... sometimes when it’s well deserved.  Does that make me evil?  Maybe a little but it’s not like I eat kittens or something. is one of my favorite time vampires.   Because it’ gives me gems like this:

And This:

But then there’s WIN! When someone does something so clever and perfectly geeky it can only be defined as one thing.  WIN.

The Internet can be a mean and spiteful place- I know I feel like I hate humanity a little bit more whenever I read the comments in a news article.

And while some times it’s mean to laugh at people, it’s also great to cheer in their victories.

Warning not everything on this website is work safe, but there is a rated PG option on the web page too.