Friday, February 03, 2012

Five for Friday

Over at the Paper Hangover it's time for Five for Friday.  This week they are asking which 5 books do you WISH you wrote.

Five for Friday

Which FIVE BOOKS do I WISH I wrote.

1) Half life of Planets...
That book was my the first draft of No System At All should have been.  But it done a BILLION times better than I could have EVER imagined

2) Ghost and the Goth:
Wow... again this is what Penny and Hank SHOULD be.  The voices are SO distinct and every word jumps out of the book.  I love this series and I”m super bummed it’s ending.

3) Every book by John Green.  
At one point in my life I thought I had voice and style down... then I read Abundance of Katherines and my world imploded.  

4)Anna and the French Kiss-
I WISH I HAD A FRACTION OF THE TALENT THAT SWOONS OFF THESE PAGES.  Perkins knows how to create real and vivid characters, who I want to be friends with or make me wish I was back in high school again.

5) Last chapter in Harry Potter series... Only because I would have made it better.  Harry, Heriomine and Ron would work at Hogworths...  And then I would have written book 8--- all 7 years from Neville’s POV.


  1. I haven't read 1 or 2 but I totally agree with 3-4. I'd love to write like John Green and Stephanie Perkins!

  2. lol at your #5...ha!

    Here’s the five books my blog partner picked.

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  3. "Every book by John Green"--LOL, I, and I daresay many others, know the feeling. :)