Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Writer Wednesdays

How NOT to write a sequel.

Do you watch a show called Storage Wars?  I do.  It’s all about these people who bid on abandoned storage lockers.  You get to see what’s inside and how much it’s valued.  Will they make money, will they break even. Will Dave Hester be a jerk?  Who knows.  But most likely yes.

The original Storage Wars takes place in LA.  OK fine.
You have a pretty easy  plot to follow, they got to a storage location, they bid on an locker after they get a chance to look at it but NOT TOUCH IT and then you see the bidders go through the lockers and you find out the value.  

What makes the show interesting is the characters.

You have Brandy and Jarrod- the couple.  She’s level headed, he’s impulsive.  You understand why they work as a couple and you sort of root for him.

There’s Darell.  He’s been doing this for a while, he makes his living at Swap Meets and he’s basically the voice of reason.  

There’s Dave Hester-- her a businessman, he’s arrogant and you sort of hate him, but he’s good at his job and you can’t really fault him for it.

Then there’s Barry-  According to my husband who researched it, Barry has the most money out of the group and he buys the lockers to fill in his own collection.  He’s wacky and is the only one who ham’s it up to the camera. He’ll ask the crew, “Did you get that shot?”  HE’s sort of my favorite.  

The show is great and PURE entertainment.  

Then we have the SPIN OFF--- Storage Wars: TEXAS.

This is how you DON’T MAKE A SEQUEL.

It’s the exact same show.... But not as interesting.

The formula is the same. Even the characters are the same.

And that’s the problem. There’s NOTHNG original about this.

Think about how many times you’ve read a sequel or a spin off by an author and thought, un yeah I liked this the first time I read it in the first book.

Maze Runner- GREAT
Scorch Trials-- good But LOTS OF THE EXACT SAME THINGS
Death Cure- UN- READ ABLE--- seriously it was too much of the same and fifty pages in I simply didn’t care.

Sequels or spin off should a whisper of the original but not a FULL ON COPY.  

 I ask you this, dear readers:  What the best or worst sequel you’ve read? 


  1. In the morning moment, I can't think of one, but I have avoided sequels that got horrible reviews from people I trust.

    And wow, I will probably still read Death Cure, but now you've tainted me! ;)

  2. Yuuuuuuuup!

    I'm waiting for the crossover episode where Barry goes to Texas. You know it'll happen. Right on about sequels, though.

  3. So true!!!! What bugs me the most is when a sequel constantly refers back to previous books, like they have to remind the reader of what went on before or we won't get it. A sequel should stand on its own!