Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday- Being a part of a commuity

Happy Monday

Genre: General Awesomeness
Topic Being a part of a community.

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No man is an island, because it's really hard to grow trees and dirt on your stomach and you'd have be formed from magma leaking from the planet's core... Yeah that didn't go the way you thought it would, did it?

There are things I'm fully capable of doing myself:
1) Getting dressed in the morning- I'm happy to report I haven't gotten stuck in my sweater in over three years, right around the time I switched to V necks and not turtle necks. (Full disclosure my tanktop on backwards)

2) Brewing my coffee- it's a matter of survival.

3) Putting on my shoes- note I didn't say tying them-- I abandoned shoe laces around the same time I stopped wearing turtlenecks.

But there's tons of things I can't do on my own... like writing.

It takes a community to build one writer.  It takes a community promote a book.  It a community to send a book to the New York Times Bestseller list,

I love being a part of the nerdfighter community and the YA writer/blogger community.

Being a part of an established network is necessary for our creativity and survival,

Besides instant and shady news, make up tutorials and online banking, online community has been the best thing born from the internet. 

What's your favorite online community?
Which website do you think provides the BEST way of communication?