Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amazon Fail

We buy a lot of thing from Amazon.  There was a time over the summer when I was on a first name bases with the UPS guy, because he was at my house four times in one week.

But every once and a while there's a fail.

I know what you're thinking.  Wow that's a big box.  Something amazing must have been inside.
Was it a blu ray player?  A car seat? A really tiny dinosaur?


A hello kitty umbrella.  Look at the size of it.  I'm pretty sure the umbrella wasn't shipped OPEN.  That's just bad luck for anyone who opens the box indoors.

Here's a better picture to get the scale.

Can you say overkill?

So readers what's your weird shipping story?


  1. Wow. Looks like they took a page out of the day job's packing. More than once I've gotten a huge box for something an envelope would have worked for.

  2. This is more just surprising..For our 11th wedding anniversary, my husband ordered me an enormous zombie head cookie jar. (yes, it's true love) I opened the door to find it sitting in it's shipping box that was also a massive green zombie head. Took me by surprise to open the front door and find a zombie with it's mouth gaping open staring at me.

  3. Man, that is really unbelievable! Super cute umbrella, too. :0)

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