Saturday, August 27, 2011

What to do when during a hurricane?

As I blogger and internet addict, writer, and mom, I NEED tech.  Mostly I need power to make that tech work.

With the hurricane coming, there's a lot I need to do.

1) Charge up the laptop.
2) Charge up my nook
3) Charge up the portable DVD player (for my daughter)
4) Blog ahead of time.
5) Get my TO READ pile ready. 
6) Update facebook and twitter everytime there's a change in weather.
At the moment, it's drizzling and I've already drank five gallons of water.  #overprepared  #hurricanefail
7) Blog ahead of time.
8) Do all my laundry.
9) Iron my dress for school on Monday (hopefully Tuesday--- I'm such a  teacher, always wishing for a snow day)
10) Watch this clip a billion times, because everything about it is SO New Jersey!

Be safe everyone. And here's hoping the power doesn't go out during the Doctor Who Season Premiere!


  1. Stay safe! <3 (and yes, get the hell off the beach! lol)

  2. Haha! "Get the hell off the beach, it's 4:30. You're done."
    Look people, hurricanes are no joke. Take it from me, I live on the Gulf Coast. Those storms are unpredictable, and even though Irene isn't bolstered by the warmth of the gulf, she's still going to pack a huge punch, unlike anything y'all will have seen.
    Tip: fill the bathtub up with water so you can flush your toilet.

  3. Oh, I'd be reading my pile of books. Hope all went well.

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