Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday

So I will be posting my new favorite bands and other fun music stuff.

Biffy Clyro--
Ok step one, watch this video

Amazing right?

Now Go to youtube and watch the Warner Brother's HD video.   (they disabled the embedding feature)

Look at EVERY girl in the crowd.  They all want to have eye sex with the lead singer.

Can you blame them?  Really?

They've been around since 1995 and they're pretty big in England.  I'm pulling this right off their website:

Their first three albums – ‘Blackened Sky’, ‘The Vertigo Of Bliss’ and ‘Infinity Land’ – arrived in a barrage of creativity, a record released every year and relentless touring building up a small but devoted army of followers. Team Biffy’s ranks grew exponentially when ‘Puzzle’ came along and stunned listeners with its achingly personal, rich and complex take on rock anthems, and Simon, James and Ben found themselves playing Wembley Stadium with Muse, headlining the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury and gigging with The Rolling Stones. U2 even supported them at a special Little Noise session at London’s Union Chapel, although the highlight for the band came when they headlined in front of a hometown crowd at Glasgow’s SECC.

“That’s where I saw Metallica in 1991,” says Simon. “We played there last December, in that same room. It’s amazing how things work out.”

Amazing, but perhaps not surprising when you hear their new album ‘Only Revolutions’. It is, quite simply, a monster of rock. After the overwhelming sadness of ‘Puzzle’, which was written in the aftermath of Simon’s mother passing away, ‘Only Revolutions’ has a sense of joy and determination, from the military thump of feet that heralds in opener ‘The Captain’ before it slips into an explosion of mammoth riffage, fizzing pop vocals and euphoric horns, through the agony and ecstasy questioning of the acoustic ‘God And Satan’, the sexy, sleazy ‘Born On A Horse’, the hauntingly romantic yet roaringly, soaringly powerful ‘Many Of Horror’ to the dark and visceral nastiness of ‘Shock Shock’. And, of course, the already familiar skewed cinematic rock of the massive top 10 singles ‘Mountains’ and ‘That Golden Rule’, which fans have already clutched firmly to their collective bosom like old friends

Go out and BUY Only Revolutions... it's amazing.  It's the PERFECT writing music.


  1. oooh cool- I'll have to listen at my other computer-- this one lacks sound for some dumb reason.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. He is very purty. New band for me. Thanks for the pointer. :)


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