Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how timon screwed up my morning.

Do you know who this is?

Of course you do, it's Timon and he's my daughter's best friend.  She talks to him, invites him over and even asked him to bake cookies with us.

He's my daughter's imaginary friend. 

Timon is also a pain in the ass. 

He's constantly coming to the front door, which makes my daughter scream, "Timon's here." This creates a chain reaction of the dog barking and the me having to leave my computer to open the front door for him. My daughter is not allowed to open the front door, it resulted in a long time out for her.  I then have to yell at the dog to be quiet while my daughter leads her invisble friend into the kitchen.

A few days ago Timon made me an hour late for the day.


Because he kept forgetting the ingredents to the pretend cookies my daughter and I were making.


Every time my daughter and I would sit down to make our pretend cookies, I would ask, "where the bowl?"
My daughter would say, "Timon has it."
Me: "well we can't make the cookies without a bowl."
 Then I would try to use a different pretend bowl.
Daughter:  No Mom, Timon has the bowl we need.  We have to hide from him and yell "We got you!" when he comes in.

me: um, ok.
Daughter and I hid.

She randomly jumps out and yells, "we got you." And I follow behind her.

Me: Did Timon bring the bowl?"

Daughter: yes.

Me: great let's crack the eggs.

Daughter: we can't Timon has the eggs.

Me:  Timon can we crack the eggs.

Daughter: He forgot them.

This continued for an hour.

So I was late because of Timon's inability to plan head and get the  ingredients for pretend and invisable cookies.

You know what really ticked me off, Timon didn't even EAT any of the cookies.  He was "saving it for later"

I really miss Max.  Max was my daughter's pretend boyfriend.  He was Goofy's son from Goof Troop.

The irony is when I was her age, Goofy was my imaginary friend.


  1. Priceless!! I never had an imaginary friend. I just dressed my younger brothers up and used them. It explains why they don't talk to me much now though. Lol

  2. I laughed. Sorry. :) Kids are hilarious, aren't they?

  3. This cracks me up. My little guy is way too literal to have an imaginary friend. Even if I catch him talking to "someone", he tells me exactly how it is: "Mom, nobody is there, it's just pretend."

    :( I had lots of inconvenient invisible friends as a kid. They're awesome.

  4. OMG, this is hysterical. My imaginary friend would only delay trips to CT.

  5. Dude- she rocks. This is so funny.
    PS- Timon needs to get his sh*t together!

    We have a lot of baby dinosaurs at our house we have to "watch hatch" and then "take care of". It could be worse.

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