Friday, July 01, 2011

Five for Friday- Cliches

Oh cliches we love and hate them don't we?
They wouldn't be cliches if there wasn't something about them we loved so much.

1) no parents/ the orphan
Man, it's so easy to write when there's no sense of reality to hinder your characters.  Parents are a real downer.  Why not kill them off, (I'm not suggesting murdering your parents) but the orphan cliche is one out of conveniences. I don't think I've ever met an orphan, ever.  I've meet people who were adopted, but a real orphan?  nope.

2) The geeky best friend.
I love this cliche, mostly because I'm a geek and it's the one character I feel like I can identify with.  All I ask is that you get your geek facts right. 

3) Sexual tension with the hot best friend.
Hot best friend, tends not to be the geek best friend, but still it's fun to read.

4) The clash between the geeky best friend and the hot best friend.
Seriously who has this life?

5) Girls kicking ass-
Quite frankly there's not enough of these.  I want more girls, running around in jeans and sneakers beating the crap out of bad guys.  Warning: She can't be wearing skirts, thigh high boots and fake eyelashes.

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  1. I don't use any of these in my novels - nope, not me. :)

    I did my cliches totally different, but I LOVE your take on the prompt!

    Great post!

  2. Oh, we're on the same wave length today... I chose a couple of the same cliches as you. And I totally agree: bring on the kick ass girls!

  3. I actually have both parents alive in my MG, and am a bit worried since it seems to be rare :)

  4. One of my new projects involves a girl kicking ass.

  5. I love ALL of these wonderful clichés!

  6. Nothing like sexual tension w/ a best stuff to write. :)

  7. Sexual tension with the best friend gets a huge thumbs up from me! It's the funnest kind of sexual tension. :)

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