Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Friday! --- No it's not!

NOTE: Since Blogger changed it's format I have screwed up the dates at least three times now.  ERINN FAIL. 

It's the first full week of my Summer break and I've written several articles for The Patch, revised my novel. Don't get excited I'm not done, I did the paper revision first, and loaded it up with notes for things to fix and NOW I'm in the middle of fixing it on MS Word.  It's not really moving as fast as I would like.

In other news today marks my ten year anniversy with my hubby.  A decade ago we started dating.  You can say, 'aww' here.

Love you, Babe.

His name isn't Babe, that's just what I call him.

So in honor of all these good things how about a contest?

Did you enter, Pam and Quita's contest?  Did you enter Kat's contest? What about Alicia's?

NOW IT'S MY TURN!  I'm giving away a HUGE Brendan Halpin Prize Pack.

Signed Copy of Notes from the Blender,

PLUS a weekend of Awesome tote bag!
WHAT?!?! Seriously?  Yep three books and a bag!   All you have to do is enter below.


  1. I'll have to check out these titles. They sound fun!

  2. Aww, happy anniversary!!! :) And is it sad that I want to enter this contest myself??

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