Monday, June 06, 2011

Five Best parts of WOA

This weekend was Weekend of Awesome and it was AWESOME.

Some background on the weekend.
Alicia and Holly wanted to do a meet up with a bunch of bloggers, then I barged in and took over. We came up with meeting in June at Hilton Head because my Dad has a timeshare there.  We were able to get the house super cheap.   The weekend was designed give writers time to write, to giggle with our friends and to hone our skills. 

Alicia, Pam, Marquita, Kat and I all had an amazing time.

Here is my top five most awesome part of the weekend.
1) Meeting everyone.  I've known and hang out with Alicia a bunch of times.  I heart her.  But Kat, I've gchated with but never met in person.  And Pam and Quita, I had never really talked to at all.  Would our personalities match?  Would they think I'm too loud or not nearly as funny as I am on my blog?
Everyone was super cool.  Seriously.  We walked in as not quite strangers and we left as friends.  Yep it was like very special episode of Saved By the Bell in here.

2) Chatting with Brendan Halpin.
We chatted with author Brendan Halpin for 45 minutes.  It was beyond awesome.  Brendan was so  nice and down to earth.  He told us about the real struggles of being an author as well as the successes.  He was also piss you pants funny too.  We were all really impressed by him and couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the night.  Stay tuned to our blogs all months for Brendan Halpin giveaways!

3) The Room.
I've seen the room 3 times-- an impossible task in itself.  But the best part of watching the room is watching it with people who have seen it and with someone who hasn't.  The wonderful badness of the movie, it's... well there are no words for it.  Stay tuned  What the Room Taught be about being a Writer.

4) Chating about books.
I'm a comic book geek, I'm a book geek, and I get excited about books.  But I rarely don't get to talk to be people about books.  It was so cool to hear about book recommendation, things that drove us nuts about books but we would never blog about,  spoilers about books that again we could never blog about.  We spent HOURS talking about books, the industry and twitter.   Stuff that in the real world, no one else but me cares about.

5) Time to write.
I came up with a shiny new book idea and I was able to outline, world build, create character sheets and bang out a couple of chapters.  I've never been this organized for a book before.  I'm pretty excited about it and I don't think it's going to take 16 drafts like another book that I won't mention.

On Friday all of us are doing a Weekend of Awesome Giveaway!  4 different prizes from 4 different blogs.  But one giveaway isn't enough.  NOPE we're also all doing a BRENDAN HALPIN givaway too.  Keep checking back on Fridays to see what it is.

We're doing WOA again. 
But next time we're going to meet up at a conference- mostly likely on the East Coast.  We'll do a conference and then have one day for all of us to hang out.

As soon as we figure out which conference we want to do, we'll let everyone know. 
Because let's face it, you want to be awesome too.

Me, Kat, Quita, Pam and Alicia - we are WOA girls


  1. Aww, I miss everyone already! :( Seriously--such an AWESOME time. I hope more of our bloggy friends can attend next year--they'll definitely won't be disappointed. :)

  2. *cries* You won't be able to beat me away from next years meetup. :D lol

  3. I miss everyone already, too :( Me and Pam keep talking about how we wanted it to last for just one more day! It was so AWESOME--like, awesome isn't even a strong enough word :) Can't wait for next year's WOA:)

  4. I'm glad the weekend was as awesome as you had all hoped! :)

  5. I really can't stop using "awesome" to describe the weekend. Poor Hubby had to listen to me for an over an hour last night and then an additional hour this morning. I wish it was next year already just so we can do it again.

  6. Aww, I'm so sad I couldn't go! I really need to get a good job soon so I can stop missing out on great things because of stupid $$.

  7. OMG this sounds amazing! If I can, I would LOVE to join in next year. So cool that you were able to meet IRL and talk books and writing. :)