Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Stupid Toy Tuesday- spinning projectiles of doom

This weekend we went to the circus as a family.  It was full of the circus goodness, I had come to expect, animals, clowns, people with no spines or fear doing things that will be most likely tried at home and end in a trip to the hospital.

But what I knew, as SOON as my hubby emailed me about the tickets, we would be coming home with this overpriced piece of crap that lights up.  I was right.

BEHOLD!!! It's a pink holder, and it spins around and it has little dohicky that light up.  Oh and it's hard to see but there is a white tiger at the top.


Drumroll for the cost...$22.
The people behind us make this offer to their child, "you can buy the light up thing or you can go to college, which ever one you want." 
It's a good offer and tells you alot about the kid.

But of course that's not all, she got cotton candy that came with a stupid hat for $10 and a program for $20.  PLUS another $10 for food.

But here's the thing, my daughter has smacked herself in the face so many times, she flinches when she plays with it.

Yep. Nothing says fun like pulling a piece of plastic out of your eye and becoming traumatized by lights.
Ringing Bros, I'll be sending you the therapy bill for that one.


  1. $20 for a PROGRAM??? Crazy--those guys are crazy! That toy looks pretty sweet though :) Just sayin'.

  2. That toy looks extremely dangerous. Maybe it should've come with safety goggles?

  3. I am sure she loves it- my guys would go crazy over something like that. But, ugh, her poor eyes!