Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stupid Toy Tuesday- Color Wonder Glitter Paper

I love Crayola.  Talk about a creative, parent friendly company.  Everything is washable, everything is safe and it's all fun. (But I hear the crayon maker is pretty lame)

I am a HUGE fan of the Color Wonder paper and markers.  Hubby is a little stain phobic and thanks to color wonder my daughter can color without any fear of mess.

My daughter has an obscene amount of color wonder stuff.  Paints, finger paints, markers of every color and like a billion color books.

But ONE is a huge fail... and she has three color books of GLITTER princess paper.

You know little girls like? Princess and glitter.   SOUNDS LIKE A FOOL PROOF TOY.

The picture  doesn't turn out as pretty as you would have liked.  It's all stripy. 

But the glitter get the markers and then you have to wipe the glitter off of the marker and now your fingers glittery and you hand looks like it hangs out a strip club.

Of course it does come to my attention that I could just wipe off the marker with a paper towel or something... but, um, yeah I didn't do that.  And besides, I needed to hold the paper with my hand....

(Confession- this stupid toy is stupid because Me, a 32 year old with her masters degree is too stupid to play with it.)