Monday, April 11, 2011

Jousting Peeps- Revise

Alicia and Pam asked should I work on revising my contemporary or my urban fantasy?

Yes Alicia and Pam are two different people with two different with two different projects, do you know what that means?


Alicia, you get to go first. 
 Pink is for contemporary and purple is for fantasy.

Into the Battle ARENA

Purple puffs up first but pink is making a good showing.
WHAT?  Let's look at a different angle.
Pink's weapon is out further but did not break the marshmellow barrier, same with purple.
It is a tie--- sorry Alicia, you have to make the choice yourself.

PAM: You're up next 

 Pink is for contemporary and green is for fantasy.

We could be shaping up for a tie

 Green is looking good.

 But it looks like PINK has pierced the skin. The WINNER is PINK--- go work on that contemporary.

Next week the peeps determine the fate of the publishing industry-- Traditional Verses Self Publishing.

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