Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stupid Toy Tuesday-ball pit

From the box this toy is AWESOME.
You see the balls, you see the size of the ball pit.

The ball pit is HUGE.  It's like an inflatable tent.  My daughter LOVES it. She has stashed all her toys in it.

It took my husband all the air in his lungs and a possible aneurysm  to blow the thing up.  But within minutes she had a new awesome toy.  Sure it leans to the left a little bit, but she loves it.

But then we threw the balls in the tent and well, it was a  little underwhelming.

It's a ball pit.

It's supposed to be filled with balls.

It came with 12 balls.

It's a tent, that a few things to trip over.  It's a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

If it had been marketed as tent, it would have been the BEST TOY EVER!

But someone decided to market it as a ball pit and it's a massive fail.  I have to buy another bag of balls for $20 to fill it.  And there's no guarantee that it will.

This is a classic example of adding a little extra just screwed it up.  Think about the final chapter in the last Harry Potter series.

Disney that's strike 2.


  1. We got the Cars version of this as a gift. And it is so fail. We just use all the balls for other stuff. I don't know what we did with the "pit" part.
    I didn't hate the last CH of HP... I was so desperate to have the story go on forever...

  2. Oh man. It looks so empty with only a few balls in there. My friend made her own ball tank with a blow up swimming pool and the balls. But I guess you still have to buy the balls which sounds expensive.

  3. 12 balls? Wow. Sounds like a party.

  4. I'm confused about WHY The Princess and the Frog has a ball pit. I just saw the movie and there is no ball pit to be had.

  5. Sorry, I LOL'd. That's hilarious. And good to know because I was looking at ordering it for my daughter a few days ago.