Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paper Hangover that darn cat.

Flash fiction Friday  
Paper Hangover is doing a cool thing. They give you a prompt and you have a week to write about it.  This week's prompt is.... "That darn cat."

That darn cat, was a pain in the ass from day one.  The day my daughter was born, he hid under the bed and was accidentally locked in a bedroom. He  peed and pooped all over the bed.   He smelled bad and acted like a dog.  He avoided my daughter and only showed up for small doses of her.  As result, despite seeing the cat ever day she squealed in delight whenever he choose to grace us with his presence.

He was named after a stupid cartoon character because he always looked confused.

But in reality he was smarter then the dog, who to this day hasn't been able to figure out how to avoid a three year old.

I was never a cat person.
I will never be a cat person
But Chooch was the exception.

Chooch passed away a few hours later.

Damn cat, I miss him.

Ok so I didn't follow the rules of flash fiction, this was flash nonfiction.  And it was sort of a bummer.
But hey it had a cute picture of a toddler and cat.

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