Friday, February 25, 2011

The waiting place

Ok yesterday I said wasn't going to talk about the  query process any more, and I'm not.  I'm going to talk about what to do while you're waiting for responses.

This is not a post agent's response time, and urging them to go faster.  Agents are VERY busy, and I'd rather them be working, then rushing to answer every single e-mail they get.

Nope, the average response time is between two weeks to two months. And that's cool with me.

But what to do during that time.

Well, here's what I plan on doing.

1) Catch up on Glee (although Rachel and Finn are getting on my nerves and I never understood what he saw in her.)

2)  Read, I have a lot of books on my TO READ list.
Across the Universe

3) Finish up BSG. I've been on season 4.5 for over a year and half now.

4) Outline the sequel to No System At All---it's a lot of wishful thinking on my part but hey, why not.

5) Catch up on my Youtube subscriptions.

I guess I'll be doing a lot of catching up. 

So if you had two months to kill, what would you do?

So I ask you, if you had two months to kill, that didn't included obsessively checking your e-mail every ten seconds.


  1. I usually plunge into revisions of another manuscript or start outlineing a new one.

    Thanks for the input on my blogpost. The title of your book has new meaning to me now. (As in, I actually understand what it means).

  2. I would do some things that fill back up the creativity well, reading, writing exercises, travel (even if it's just to the other side of town), music, cleaning the desk for the next project, things like that. Good luck with your queries!

  3. I LOVE Rachel and FInn!!! I wish they would get back together! ;)

    If I had 2 months, besides checking the email every 5 minutes, I would start on writing a new book. In fact, I have a couple ideas brewing for when that time comes...if it does at all!

  4. I like to do a lot of reading too--I assemble these huge lists from reading reviews on blogs, and it's overwhelming to try to get to them while I'm on a writing schedule. Query time is a nice break...I also like to start planning my next idea, so I'll have something to get excited about if I get a bunch of Rs :)

  5. I usually do some non-writing things first, like sewing or gardening. And then after a week off, I'll pick up another project. And all this WHILE checking my email a dozen times a day.

  6. I am nearing the query process, and I plan to work on a completely separate idea (not a sequel to my current WIP) while waiting. :)

  7. Aside from catching up on housework and reading, I'd probably actually make it to the gym and start a new project.

  8. Travel. This is two months with unlimited moolah, correct? Of course! I'd take a whirlwind tour of Europe, I think. Something spontaneous where I could still write and exercise, but not my norm (which is complzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz).


  9. When I have to wait, I catch up on a LOT of reading and go to the movies. Once I'm relaxed enough, I try to work on a new WIP. Okay, I know I may sound uncool, but what's BSG??

  10. Do you have Netflix? Do you want to watch an AWESOME show that's great for the whole family? (Well, for families with kids about nine-+) Then you should wattttch... PUSHING DAISIES! I LOVE that show.

  11. Sleep. :)

    Catching up on BSG is worth every moment!