Saturday, February 26, 2011

Contest pimping 2

Alicia and Miranda have over 100 followers and they're throwing a pretty awesome blog contest over at their blog.  Their goal is to get over 150 followers.

They're giving away:
  • One of two handmade scarves by Alicia*.
  • Cookie Prize Pack: one box of Girl Scout Cookies and a dozen homemade zombie cookies from Miranda.
  • Zombie Surival Kit: zombie survival flashcard, zombie mix cd, gift card, and your very own zombie.
  • Writer's Survival Kit: iTunes gift card, pens, post its, notepad, a copy of Bird by Bird, and your very own chocolate stash.

Blue Lipstick Samurai is having her 1 year blog birthday contest.  It's pretty sweet too.  She's giving away fairydust, A query crit by ELANA JOHNSON  a special giveaway from Janet Reid and whole bunch of other cool stuff.  
I will be announcing my own blog contest soon but Bluelipstick Samurai 's is WAY better, go enter her's and then when it's over enter mine, next week, sometime.