Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday- ask a question

 This week is a little different. From the Twitter feed on YA Highway I see we're supposed to post a question on our blogs, and visit all the other blogs and answer everyone else's questions.

So I've started the query process (more to come on that) and I have one huge question.
  • Question 1 When an agent asks for a synopsis and an author bio, isn't that just a query?
  • Another question: What sort of prizes should I give away for my next contest? It will start on my birthday March 2. But I can't figure out what to give away. 
  • Last question:  What's the best book you've read of 2011 so far?

In other news my friend Mo is hosting a blogfest.  March 11 (Mo's Birthday) post five things on your Bucket List.  That's easy. Go sign up


  1. I wish I knew the answer to that first question. Anyone?

  2. 1. Your bio is part of your query, yes. But a synopsis is different. It's one page that covers the whole book's plot, and even divulges the ending. ;)

    2. I have no idea. Sweet Tarts? I'd enter. lol

    3. Kat, Incorrigible. Go read it. For real.

  3. What Holly said -- a synopsis is more like a book report, for your own book.

    Could you please give away more hours? kthanx

    and I'd say DIVERGENT or DEMONGLASS. both so entertaining, in SUCH different ways.

  4. The bio may not be more than a sentence in your query, or anything at all if you don't have a writing-related job or have previous publishing creds, so I think the bio is definitely different. And the synopsis is an expanded version of your query. The query is supposed to tease and not give everything (like the ending) away. A synopsis does.

    If you've got any ARCs, or want to do a preorder for a hot upcoming release, those are my favorite contest prizes.

    And best book so far of 2011? WITHER, so far. ;)

  5. 1. as above posters say, the technical definition of a synopsis. I do think, however, that agents may do this just to see if you follow directions.
    I read one interview with an agent who said she reads the query and the pages and skips the synopsis anyway. But what do I know-- I'm not an agent, and I hate synopses. I am clueless and biased, a lethal combination.
    2. ummm, I wanted to win one of your music mixes when you were doing that. I think gift certificates are always a win.
    3. Matched and If I stay... but the year is YOUNG.

  6. I don't know the answer to some of these... :\

    1) Would a requested bio be akin to a CV?

    2) prizes... erm... cupcakes? :D

    3) The Art of Racing In The Rain

  7. I think you're cheating with with questions, there.

    1. Synopsis traditionally is what the girls above said. The query includes a little bit of the story, but it's not as detailed.
    2. I like Sarah's idea of giving away time, but I'm not picky. I enter pretty much everything.
    3. Books aren't impressing me as much this year. I'll go with Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life.

  8. Your first two questions are hard so I'm going to just answer number three. But it's actually really hard too. I've read a lot of great books. But I'm going to go with PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White.

  9. 1) Ditto what the others said about the synopsis. If an agent asks for a bio, they may mean a separate document (I had at least one agent ask for just such a thing).
    3) Divergent (though I technically read it in 2010).

  10. Great questions! I think everyone answered you about the bio thing, but I'm a fan of sweets for your contest. :) As far as the best book I've read so far--gulp. Don't know! I love so many! Right now, I'd have to say Like Mandarin. :)

  11. no a query is a one page letter that gives your hook and an invite to request your work. You don't tell the end. You will usually include some pages of your novel - like 5

    Synopsis is a 1 - 8 page cliff notes version if your book - depending on what agent asks for in length. This is not time to be coy - tell them all the major plot twists - characters and end.
    The bio is about you and in a query - frankly - they usually don't give a rats whisker - unless that is requested no don't send in a query.

    To give away - 5 - 10 dollar gift cards easy to mail.

    bookmarks - inexpensive thank yous

    or something personal and crafty that you do

    Um finished Hunger Games about 48 hours ago I loved it except for the stuff on my blog - lol

    I had to re read farenheit 451 last night to help daughter with her project - I liked it better than when I had to read it in highschool - and it really reminded me of hunger games in its symbols of fire and government control and birds.

  12. *psssst* Mo's birthday is the 12th

  13. a) Yup, what they said.

    b) Contests are tough lately, since everyone's giving away books! (that is code for "I don't know.")

    c) The Forest For The Trees, Where She Went, and Divergent. I enjoyed Revolution, too.

  14. 1: I'm just going to add that I saw one agent explain that when she wanted a synopsis, she meant a summary in the query so.. Just keep that in mind? And I know a lot of people don't really do the bio thing in their query so they probably say this because it's something they care about.

    2: I like it when people do giveaways of a book with a few things related to the bok. Like stuffed animals or a candy mentioned in the book or whatever. Also, B&N just put up preorders for CITY OF FALEN ANGELS and they have signed versions available.

    3: probably IF I STAY.

  15. Well... the best book I've read IN 2011 (it was published in 2010) was definitely Obama Zombies, which was about how Obama managed to win the 2008 election. Also, I read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (which is from the '40s) - LOVED that book.