Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fake boyfriend Blogfest

Amparo Ortiz from No Rest for the Lazy is doing a Fake Boyfriend Blogfest.

You need to write a love letter to your fake boyfriend, here you go.

Dear John Green

There are few authors who have made a profound inpact on my life, like you have.  But you know what, you probably hear all time about how awesome and impactful you are... FRENCH THE LAMA, it's got to get old. 

Yes, you're amazing.

Let's go over the list shall we?

Nerdy cool- check
Does a ton of charity work and wants to end world suck- check
Reminds people to be awesome - check
Created an online community- check
Makes nerds feel welcome all over the less sucky world- check
Write the best books I've ever read- check
Hangs out with cancer pateints- check
Wants the world to be filled with Puppy Sized Elephants- Check.

Yeah. So if John Green wasn't married to a Yeti and if I wasn't married, and if we both didn't have children, would I try to make John Green my boyfriend?  um, proably not.  I am awful at flirting, I have zero skillz, I would probably geek out and spaz all over him or get super shy and stumble over my words and either word vomit on him or really vomit on in.  So yeah.

Dear God - I'm a social mitsfit.


While I go off an tell my real husband how much I love him,  feel free to read some blog news

Yesterday I posted the first part of two part interview with Antony John a truly incredible writer (I didn't choose him to be my fake boyfriend because I've emailed with him and I don't know if he reads my blog and I REALLY REALLY don't want to creep him out.)  But writing wise, Antony John is the next John Green.

And if you like Blogfests, take a second and enter mine.  It's called Gone but Not Forgotten, on March 4 name your top 5 TV shows no longer on the air.  You can click on the slide bar to enter.


  1. Okay Erinn, me and you are going to have to fight to the death for John Green's love. :)

  2. Wow. I knew John Green could write and had a strong internet following...didn't know all that other cool stuff. Now I'm crushing a little here too.

  3. Ha ha, John Green is awesome (and is it weird that we always call authors by their first and last names? For some reason that sounds weird to me right now ... lol)

  4. Pam, you like fighting other bloggers for the love of others. John Green, Jace, who else?

  5. You are just too cute :) This post gave me a smile~ John Green would be lucky to date you!

  6. I seriously considered naming John Green one of my fake boyfriends, but then I realized that I have WAAAAY too much respect to objectify him. That is why he is my fake father. I am his fake daughter. And he's raising me through his books.

    Yep. I think I just made it worse...

    Great letter, Erinn!! And you ARE NOT a social misfit!!!

  7. John Green is by far a literary genius who makes me swoon prose.