Monday, February 21, 2011

Contest Winner

Wow, last week was awesome, so many blogfests and a pretty amazing interview with Antony John.

I want to thank Antony John for his time and interview.

And the winner of the book giveaway is.......

Email me with your address and I'll get it in the mail to you this week.

I have to admit I've been having a really good couple of weeks, not just blog wise but real life stuff.
My birthday is a few weeks away and my blog follower counter keeps climbing. 

I'm feeling a contest coming on, I've done CD's, I've done gift cards, I've done mystery boxes filled with box.    You tell me, what do you think I should give away? 

Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Happy Three Day Weekend everyone.


  1. YAAAAAAYYY!!!! I wanted this book SO BAD!!

    *fist pump*

    Thanks for the wonderful interview!!!

  2. Even though I'm a tad jealous, congrats Amparo--but only cuz I like her. :) And baked goods are always great prizes!

  3. Congrats Amparo! And I loves food, so like Pam mentioned baked stuff is nice. Also, people like critiques, books, books, and more books :)