Tuesday, January 25, 2011

STUPID Toy Tueday- Moon Sand

Moon Sand--- oh it sounds so cool doesn't it.  Sand from the moon, how could this NOT be fun to play with?

My daughter got it for Christmas this year-- she was two turning three.  She saw the cupcakes on the box and said, "I want that one." I had to tell her, you don't eat it, you make it.  She was brokenhearted and went to play with one of her other toys.

The moon sand was put away and forgotten until I unearthed it.
Because I looked at the pretty pink box and thought, this might be fun.

I cracked open the box and saw two bags of pink and yellow sand, a small bowl (for mixing the sand to get new colors-- the only color you can get is orange) cupcake molds and two tiny spoons.

Instantly I knew this wasn't going to be as fun as the box made it out to be.

I opened up the pink bag-- not resealable by the way, poured it into the bowl-- a useless step, and my daughter and I started to stick the sand into the cupcake molds.

About 24 seconds later we were done.

About 36 seconds later, the cupcake fell apart.

Do you know why?  It's SAND.

My daughter looked up at me and said, "that's it?"

"Yep. We're done." I told her.

We spend a half an hour painting instead. 

Clean up sucked... do you know why? Because it's SAND.  It's like going to the beach, but it's on your kitchen table.  three weeks later I"m still finding pink sand everywhere.

Moon Sand you fail. 


  1. LOL *note to self: never buy moon sand*

  2. Ha, insert "Crayola Crayon Maker" everywhere you said "Moon Sand", and I could have written this post! :)

  3. I feel bad about the sand mess, but thanks for making me laugh this morning :)

  4. I thought Moon Sand is supposed to be sticky?

  5. LOL note to self: buy all of my friends with kids moon sand!

  6. Wow, that is completely disappointing!

  7. We had some last summer and did it outside, which meant the mess wasn't a problem. But it really is a "one-function" toy. Stick in mold. Pop out of mold. Much less multi-purpose than Play doh. Not good. Not buying it again.

  8. darn that stuff always looks so fun... :(