Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things I don't understand week- comments at the end of news articles

The Internet is both amazing and evil at the same time.  It's a wonderful way to connect people all around the world. 

It a place where anyone can express his or her opinions.

On the down side, anyone can express his or her opinions.

Whatever, everyone is entiled to them-- that fine.

Expect for news stories.

When Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Gifford was shot over the past weekend, I read about it on-line. I get 99% of my news on-line.

The tragedy was haunting and senseless.

Then I read the comments about the article.

80% were horrifyingly negative, stating things like she desevred it.

I don't know anything about her politics and I don't care.   No one ever deserves that level of violence. No one

The internet makes us forget on the other side of the screen there's a person. 

Let's not forget-- let's be nicer to one another.  Let's get rid of all the internet trolls. 

That's all I have to say. 


  1. *stands and applauds* That is all.

  2. wow-- I can't believe anyone would say she deserved it.
    You are so right about trollage, I think the internet gives people a level of anonymity that allows them to say hurtful and cruel things without ever being called on it. Less of that, please.

  3. It's like my grandfather used to say: Opinions are like assholes; everyone's got one.

    It's upsetting that there are people in the world who believe that level of violence is deserved. I feel like part of your humanity dies when you commit or believe in committing acts like that. It's just sad.

  4. Yep. I learned not to read the comments after articles when I read an article about a dead soldier and people in the comments said he deserved it. It was so upsetting, I decided to stop reading comments period.

  5. Well said! I overheard two people talking about it yesterday. The first guy mentioned it and the second guy said "Well, it's making Sarah Palin look horrible, so I love that."

    Really? That attitude disgusts me. People died. A 9 year old died. And you're just happy that some (non) politician looks bad.

  6. I totally agree. No one deserves to have violence done to them. Or do mean spirited and negative comments have any place in this tragedy. Don't care what side of the political coin you are on.

  7. Ugh - that's disgusting. You're right. Nobody deserves this, no matter what side of the political line you're on.