Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday- write a blurb

This blog will come to you in three parts.

Part 1:  Page 99 BLOGFESTAlica, Holly, Pam, Quinta and I will hosting a page 99 Blogfest-  you post page 99 of one of your WIPs and see if other people would read more based solely on that page.  Awesome, right?  The idea is page 1-50 are normally SUPER polished and perfect, but let's pick a page at random (page 99) and see if the writing is interesting enough to keep the reader's attention. It's based on the website

It will be on January 28th!  A week and a half away. Go here to sign up

Part 2- Road Trip Wednesday- blurb all about it.

The word blurb is funny.  It's one of those words that sounds like it shouldn't even be a word. 
Say it a low, blurb blurb blurb blurb blurb blurb blurb blurb, see how it lost all meaning?

Anyway writing a blurb is tough, it's like a query letter but even shorter.  It's like a one paragraph pitch.

So I'm going to mash up my query letter and see if it works as a blurb.

Colin descends upon the bullies in town and unleashes punishments so swift and fitting, the bullies either changed their ways or moved.  Now in his senior year, Colin is trying to keep a low profile.   Because one of his “victims”  wants to crush Colin’s spinal cord into powder.  But his popularity-obsessed girlfriend, and the garage band he formed with his brother, are making that impossible.  
Much to Colin’s surprise, the band is good and gaining a following.   As he reluctanly steps into the spotlight he has to face public scrutiny when he doesn’t get into Julliard and discovers the people he trusts are keeping secrets from him. 

Yeah it's not great but neither is the word blurb.  

Part three: Fricking Awesome First Lines.

Tomorrow I will open my blog up for a contest. All week I've been talking about the importance of a first line.  Thursday you can post your first line of any work (short story, novel or non fiction).  It's open to all genres.  All comments will be closed to the public so no one can see who posted what.   On Friday I will post ALL the first lines.  Voting will last through the weekend.
  • You will need to e-mail or post your first line in the comments on Thursday's post. 
  • You need to be a follower of the blog. 
  • Vote for your favorite on Friday.
  • Winner will get a $10 iTunes gift card and a 10 page critique from me.


  1. oh my! i'm all tingly just thinking about the awesomeness here! i'm going to enter all three! (let's just pray i remember!)

  2. Blurb. I was going to say how it's a weird word too.

  3. agreed on the word blurb. just, what?

  4. Nice First Line contest idea.

    Your book sounds interesting.

    The last para seems different in tone (or something) from the first. You might be able to do without it(for queries, anyway).

  5. blub may be a weird word, but your blub was great.

  6. Yeah it's not great but neither is the word blurb.

    This made me laugh, Erinn!

    I think this blurb has potential! The beginning begins a little abruptly (if that's possible...), but other than that with a little reworking I think this would be an EXCELLENT blurb. The premise sounds great. :)

  7. Just found your blog through YA Highway. (Love it. Following.) This is such a great line: one of his “victims” wants to crush Colin’s spinal cord into powder. Ha ha.

    Also, the contest sounds so great. Can't wait!

  8. I like your blurb (and I have to admit I love the word, just because it's so weird). ;)

  9. Looking forward to seeing the contest entries! First lines are so hard, and when I come across an outstanding one I get envious--and then try to figure out why it was so effective.

  10. Blurb is a funny word. But your story? Sounds FLIPPIN' AWESOME! :)

  11. What a good idea for a contest! Mine is kinda not great right now...
    Anywho, I love your blurb!

  12. I liked your blurb, and it sounds like a great read!