Thursday, January 27, 2011

HOCO Thursdays- Birthday Parties

My daughter turned 3 last weekend.  She's been talking about her birthday party non stop since October.  At one point she said that the dragons from How to Train Your Dragon's were going to be there but the "zibbleback couldn't come because he was too big and had to stay in the car."  That's a direct quote.

When she hit three we knew we couldn't BS her birthday anymore.  She had real friends and a pretty good awareness of the world around her, (expect for the whole thinking the dragons were real).  Hubby and I didn't want it at our house, because twelve kids under five at our house would not be a good thing.

Besides it's a winter birthday which means it has to be indoors.

Yep, it was time to do what all HOCO parents do, throw an expensive shindig at some sort of place.

We picked My Gym off of route 100.


I scored big time and got Miss Melissa and Mr Dan as the party leaders.

The staff at My Gym had this whole thing timed PERFECTLY.  We walked in 10 minutes before our party--- I had NO IDEA there was a party before us.   My daughter to got play on the bounce house by herself for a little while.  Then at noon all of her friends showed up.  They ran around and played for a while.
Ms Mellisa leading a game-- even the parents are digging it

Every kid was completely engaged.  My daughter was the center of attention without being too over bearing.

While Miss Melissa was playing with the kids Mr. Dan set up the birthday cake and sliced the pizza (into smaller slices so kids could eat them easier--- he had his own pizza cutter)  They sang happy birthday to my daughter and then passed out the pizza.  Kids could only get cake AFTER they ate their pizza.
My daughter is a little bit of a drama queen for the camera

Next was more games and the birthday parade.  Guess which one is my daughter?
The drama queen and Mr. Dan

The party was over an hour and half later.  By the time we cleaned up and pack up my kid in the car, the next family was coming in.

No clean up, no stress and she took a nap.... WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Anyone else have a good birthday party location suggestion?


  1. That's awesome! We're planning to have Super Spawn's party at a local gym like that this year too. We had his at home last year (with 50 people!) and it was NUTS.

  2. 50 people Holly, really? That's insane.

    I'm so glad I don't need to deal with any of this yet.

  3. Wow- this sounds dreamy. Our guys are two weeks apart and have b-days in August. Last year we had a pretty sweet double party, cooking out, water balloon toss, and all of that. It was fun but draining.
    Our friend Sadie had a bday party last week at the roller rink. IT ROCKED. I think the parents were more into it than the kids.

  4. Oh, and the posing with the dragon cake is off the charts cute!

  5. I recommend Splashdown (working for CA I am slightly partial) but as a kid I had my birthday there twice! Its better when she's a bit older.

  6. Sounds great. Happy birthday to your daughter :)

  7. Aw that sounds fun! Cute pictures :)

  8. Hey I tried to post a comment on your 99th page post, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. I would love to know what Colin is planning and I would definitely turn the page. Also, I wanted to thank you for stopping by and commenting on my page 99 and for being my 100th follower! :)