Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- gift for your favorite character

What gift would you give your favorite character for Christmas?

Hmmm, I've been thinking about all the books I've read this year. I read more books this year and I did all the last three years.

I know what my favorite books were (see next week's posts about that)
But my favorite characters?  Hmmm

I really liked Will from The Ghost and the Goth--- he was the goth.

I think I would give him the entire Bayside CD Collection, because if you need to drown out the sound of yammering Ghosts, nothing does it better then emo pop punk.  The music is so bouncy but the lyrics slit your wrists depressing.   I think he's be really into them and he wouldn't have to listen to the hot dead cheerleader that's pestering him.  A hot dead cheerleader that only tangible when she's near him... lucky guy.  Forget it, he has a hot dead cheerleader... he doesn't need a Christmas present.

The next winner for my favorite character would be Sam from Gone, after all the adults vanish and a whole bunch of kids look up to him for leadership, but he shies away from it because he's scared but eventually  accepts it.  Sam needs a hug.   A BIG ONE.

Death from The Book Thief he needs the last five seasons of Doctor Who.

Why?  Because it's awesome and I think Death could appreciate a 900 year old Time Lord who hasn't died. The Doctor makes Death's job SO much easier... but the Doctor does have a high body count, so maybe it would only piss Death off.

For Katniss of the Hunger Games--- She's getting a Twinkie and a goat.

Because it anything can survive the Hunger Games, it's a Twinkie.

She's getting a goat because she spends four damn pages talking about her sister's goat and I think she has goat envy. 

On second thought, I'd give all those guys  a hug. 



  1. That is a cute freakin' goat! I want to snuggle it! But goats are stinky, so Katniss can keep it. lol Too funny.

  2. awesome. Everyone should get Dr. Who. I am all a-twitter waiting for the Christmas special.
    It is one of my favorite things about the holiday season. I just re-watched the Runaway Bride last weekend, which had me repeating "santa is a robot" to everyone.

  3. GONE reminds me of a book I read in middle school called THE GIRL WHO OWNED A CITY. It was about a disease that killed all the adults on earth and the kids had to learn to survive.

  4. Ha! A goat for Katniss, loves it! These are some good gift ideas and Gone sounds like a good book. Another one for my TBR pile :)

  5. LOL! Katniss did spend a TON of time talking about that goat! And I love the idea of hugs for gifts--especially since they don't cost anything. :)

  6. I'm only on season 3 of Doctor Who, and I think Death would appreciate it, if only for the choices and situations that the Doctor is forced into. Good idea!

  7. The twinkie and the goat are priceless, and hugs are always fantastic gifts. :)

  8. Awesome!

    That's probably the cutest goat ever. I hope Katniss appreciates it.

    Dr Who for Death is genius.